B. Michael Long, the Creative Visionary of LLHS, is a Kansas City native and a former student-athlete and graduate of the University of Maine at Orono where he earned his BA in Communications with a minor in Philosophy. His love for football and his collegiate experience on the gridiron was refined into holistic living when, eighteen years ago, he was introduced to Tai Chi and Chi Gung which has taught him essential lessons about the spirit, soul, body connection. He has been a vegetarian for 18 years, and has been medication free his entire adult life. He and his team of Holistic Health and Wellness Coaches in the Greater Kansas City area have almost two decade of experience in Holistic Lifestyle Living and Coaching. They stress the importance of meditation, fitness and proper nutrition for the maintenance, preservation and restoration of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This dynamic team possesses a passion for sharing their experiences, insights, knowledge and understanding about holistic lifestyles and natural healing processes. For more information, you can email us at info@longlifehs.com.

What is Holistic Living?

Holistic Living can be innerstood as the mindful and intentional unification of the separate parts of life. Life can be comprehended as the ability to establish, maintain and sustain that which has vitality. To serve is to undertake a fulfillment of duty towards another in order to provide them with a product. With Long Life Holistic Services, it is our mission to provide the community with a modern perspective and application of ancient, ancestral principles of wisdom which have proven effective in establishing societal balance and order over time. By reconnecting with and expanding on the foundations of the past, LLHS desires to build a bridge between the future and the past in the present for the elevation of humanity’s consciousness. It is the conviction and experience of LLHS that when consciousness is operating at an optimum capacity, that both individual and collective quality of life can experience a positive shift in critical mass for the benefit of all.